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Deeper Look into Chicago Rapper Karizmatik

Karizmatik is a rapper/lyricist from the Westside of Chicago. Karizmatik first started rapping when he heard a few of his friends rap and he wanted to try it out for his self he decide to stick with it and he never let go of music since. His music is versatile and he has multiple flows and he encompasses metaphors, wordplay, and poetry to make hot music. Karizmatik is influenced by many rappers who came before him like Nas, Twista, Common and GZA. Michal Jackson is also a major influence for him. So far Karizmatik has many accomplishments he toured many cities, he has opened up and collaborated with buzzing artist been played on the radio more then once. On soundcloud he has 176000 streams. Karizmatik has a lot of collaborations he has collaborated with the following artist T Law, Unique Soul, Beadz, Mikkey Halsted, Street Money Boochie, Jimmy Wopo, Greazo, Lil Dude, WMS Sultan, Psycho Dre, Rodes, Hollis Rock, Knowshun and more. Currently Karizmatik has a few songs out he got the single Proud with his wife Unique Soul , Black man America and What have we Done with artist and collaborator T Law. If you wanna know more about this artist check the info below.





Karizmatik I Am the Truth

Karizmatik ft T Law Life is journey

BankFlow Family What Have we Done