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Hip Hop Artist Rodes Is Drawn To The Music

Rodes is a hip hop artist from the South side of Chicago he grow up in the Pullman area. Rodes got interested in music at the age of 4 or 5 by listening to his father's Vynile collection he was also interested in the artwork on the albums all he understood at the time was that music was inside the albums but didn't know how the music came out the radio played a major part in drawing him to music as well. Rodes was insipired by many different artist and groups like Nwa, New Edition, Prince, Bobby Womack, and Loretta Lynn. As a hip hop artist the music that Rodes makes is original, therapeutic, relatable and sounds like nothing else he is not worried about whats trendy or cool. He makes music for the fans and that makes his music timeless. Rodes accomplishments as an artist includes selling 10k cds independently and having his single Sunflower Seeds charting he has also put together and organized his own tours him trusting his intuition plays a part in what makes him a great artist. You can find Rodes current project on all streaming platforms it is called the Henny Hunt EP. Rodes is currently working on a new project which will be dropping in the 2nd part of 2021. Rodes has collaborated with a lot of artist he loves to let the music speak some of the artist he have collaborated with are Blacc Suhn, Fashawn, Kadiz, singer Res, BC, and Cormega. If you would like to know more about Rodes check info below and make sure to sing up for his email list on his official website.


SunFlower Seeds Video

Henny Hunt Ep

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