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Inside The Mind of Rapper Mandala

Mandala is a rapper from Joliet,Illinois. He started doing music after having limited success in rap battles he wanted more people to hear his lyrics so he started writing over beats and recording songs on a basic microphone in his basement. What inspires Mandala is when hears a powerful song it makes him want to partake in the beautiful form of art. Mandala is lyrically inspired by Eminem and Nas his father is a pianist so he was brought up hearing music. The music that Mandala makes is a reflection of his soul some of his songs are essentially prayers although they may come of as sarcastic or edgy most of his songs are very personal or important to him. Music is his way of lessening the pressure in his head because he often gets absorbed in the war of good versus evil in the world. Every time Mandala finish writing a song he consider it a major accomplishment to be able to transmit his thoughts into music before he started making professional music one of his accomplishments was performing in his first rap battle him being willing to be vulnerable to an extent in front of a bunch of strangers changed his life forever. Mandala has a new EP dropping November 13 2020 entitled Chronicles of a Blind the EP is a collection of 6 tracks, and they chronicle his spiritual journey from total blindness and an inability to see the world as God made it. One of the tracks on the EP features his sister singing on the hook is called Blind Love. Make sure to check out Mandala's newest single called Modern Struggle which is out now on all streaming platforms. Links to connect and hear Mandala's music below.

IG: (@mandala.raps)

Twitter: (@mandalaraps)



Spotify Page:


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