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Meet a Rare Rapper/Producer from Cameroon Ben Malick's Story

Ben Malick is a rapper/producer from Yaoundé, Cameroon. Ben Malick grew up in an environment where his parents listened to 70's and 80's music. Eventually he met Hip Hop music, which made him find his self and the way he felt. He was going to be a singer then rapping came about he felt it in his soul and it literally changed his life. He was inspired by rappers like Rakim and Nas through there music he was introduced to the hip hop world he didn't know much about rap till he heard there flow. He was also inspired by producers like 9th Wonder and DJ Premier. Ben Malick's music is describe as food for thought he talks about things that can help the listeners in there life with the use of grimy soulful beats. Ben Malick's accomplishment contain him being behind major productions of other artist he focused more on producing which sometime put his career as a rap artist on the back burner but he does have solo albums and collaborative projects. Ben Malick has a project out now that he released in 2019 entitled Self- Support. He plans to release a new project by next year. Ben Malick has produced for a bunch of artist he has worked with Big Shug (Gangstarr Crew), Access Immortal and a bunch of Underground Hip Hop artists from USA and Canada. Learn more about Ben Malick and his music at the links below.

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Self Support EP

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