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Meet R&B Singer Unique Soul

Unique Soul is singer/songwriter from the west side of Chicago. Her music is r&b with flashes of hip hop. She writes from the soul and makes music people can relate to by using and writing lyrics that stay with you well after the song is over. Unique Soul started singing when she was little girl. As Unique Soul got older she toyed with the idea of singing but she was suddenly inspired to really get into singing when she heard the track Victorious by Chicago artist T Law and that song became her first feature and received great feedback. Unique soul draws her inspiration from her team and family. Her husband rapper Karizmatik pushes her when she slows down and helps her keep the creativity flowing. Label mate ,frequent collaborate, and friend T Law inspires her to stay true to her self and write from the heart. Unique Soul also draws heavy inspiration from her daughters who also inspire her to challenge herself creatively. Unique Soul will be dropping her debut Ep Accountability this fall which is a very sincere collection of music. Unique Soul currently has two singles out on streaming platforms from her Ep called Might as well do it and Exposed which was co written by T Law. Unique Soul can also be heard on the songs Until its Over and Proud by the group BankFlow Family available on all streaming platforms. Unique soul is also exclusive featured on the Ep T Law's Harmony. There is much more music to come from singer Unique soul check out her music and follow her on social media links below.


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Until Its Over


T Law's Harmony featuring exclusive appearance by Unique Soul

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