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More Than a Rapper meet AlmightyRaud the Artist

AlmightyRaud is an artist from Louisville, KY. He started off doing poetry but since he didn't want to be a guy who asked you to listen to poems he decide to hear how his words would sound on a beat and this is when the artist that was inside of him was born. AlmightyRaud's music was inspired by singer/songwriter and rapper Raury. Raury's verstail style and the way he put his heart in his music made AlmightyRaud realize that he was also a indigo child. AlmightyRaud's music is hip hop but he considers it street poetry because he wants to be known as more then a rapper he dabbles in singing as well. His biggest accomplishments are being written about in several blogs and having a loyal fan base that listens and loves his music is one of the best accomplishments to him as an artist but his hunger for more still stands firm. AlmightyRaud has a mixtape out now entitled Ballin Like I’m Naruto at the time when he released it he was trying to find his sound so its real trap heavy but in whole it is a great project. He states the best 2 songs on the project is WCW and Forget It. According to AlmightyRaud's intagram he has a new project dropping on October 31 2020 entitled 8 Violets. 8 Violets shows his versatility and his ability to tell a story within a set of songs. His new project will be a prelude to another project called 97 Roses. You can find AlimightyRaud on most social media sites under his name AlmightyRaud. More info on this artist below.

Ballin Like I’m Naruto Mixtape

AlmightyRaud on Soundcloud

Social Media

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