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Who is T Law

T Law is a Songwriter/rapper/singer from the South Side of Chicago. In recent years T Law has been known as T Law the inspirational rapper due to the conscious and positive message in his music. In 2019 T Law released a song entitled Testimony featuring Chicago Rapper Karizmatik this was T Law's first song to be released on streaming platforms. Since the release of Testimony T Law has released a number of other tracks. As an artist T Law has seen the growth of his music through the music website Reverbnation where he reached the top 40 on the reverbnation charts then he eventually reached the top 10 peaking at number 6. As an artist T Law has more work to do but he shows no plans of slowing down T Law currently have 3 Eps out on soundcloud, and he is preparing to release a joint project entitled Music Reborn along side Karizmatik and singer/songwriter Unique Soul. Check out articles based on T Law's projects and music below.

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